Thank you

I believe it is important to say thank you. Too many times I expect and receive without any gratitude. I think the same with God, we demand so much of God and when we are provided with a blessing, then we forget to say thank you. We that live in the western world are so fortunate to live in relative peace, and have food on our tables and a roof over our heads.


In Times of trouble

Dear Jesus,
thank you so much for loving us,
so much so that you were willing to die for us.
May we stay close to you,
and in times of trouble
know that you will not let us down.
We surrender our lives to you.




You are the perfect God, who loves us despite our failings and our sins. By Jesus' death and resurrection we have been forgiven and made righteous. We now have an open door to a relationship with you. We humbly bow before you, speak to us and guide us to where you are calling us to. In Jesus name. Amen