Hopes and dreams

We have hopes and dreams. They keep us going when life seems dull and boring. Maybe it is worth talking to God about them, even the selfish ones. God may open new doors and change your approach to life. Maybe God would say be satisfied with your life or maybe think of those less fortunate than you.



Dear God, I am not happy with my life. Day by day nothing changes. I am left with no hope and my dreams are long but forgotten. I place into your hands this life, that maybe you can start a work in me, maybe long lost dreams can be brought back to life and enable me to further your Kingdom. In Jesus name. Amen.




Dear God, I feel so lonely. When I was young, I had dreams. Dreams of being married to the ideal person for me and sharing a life of happiness. To have children, an adventure. To enjoy the different stages of childhood, and ultimately letting them go to live their own life. But this hasn't happened. May I trust you with my life and that you would bring me comfort when the days seem dark. In Jesus name. Amen




Dear God, today may I:
Be patient.
Be kind.
Never jealous.
Never envious.
Never boastful.
Never proud.
Never arrogant.
Never selfish.
Never rude.
Never demand my own way.
Never irritable or touchy.
Never hold a grudge.
Never keep a record of being wronged.
Never rejoices at injustice.
Rejoices when truth wins.
Be loyal no matter the cost.
Put up with anything.
Always look for the best.
Never looks back.
Keeps going to the end.

In Jesus name. Amen.




Dear God, a new day.

We praise your mighty name. May I make you important and always in communication with you. May I be like Jesus. That I would care and be kind. Give me a servant heart, always aware of people's needs.

I am sorry for caring only for myself and pursuing a life that just benefits me. Give me a determination not to repeat the wrongs I did yesterday. Help me to observe those around me and listen, encouraging those who are struggling. Give me opportunities to speak of you to others, that it would be communicated in a way that speaks to their heart, showing love and respect, never forceful or condemning.

Thank you for giving me life and a friendship with you. May I never neglect all the good things you have given me, be it family, friends, food on the table, a roof over my head. That I would be willing to share and be generous.

In the name of Jesus.




Dear God, I give myself to you this day to serve you faithfully and care for those around me. That I would work hard as though I am working for you. If others are harsh to me that I would not retaliate but strive to be blameless. Give me compassion for those who are less fortunate that me, that I would find practical ways of helping. Any glory I receive will go you, and others will recognise you in me. In Jesus name. Amen




I pray for our children. That they would see Jesus through us. That Jesus would be a role model for them rather than the false, and empty promises provided by their peer groups and the media. May we treat them fairly and they would see us as friends too. Help us to listen, understand and give them space. In you may they find meaning and guidance to where you are calling them to. In Jesus name. Amen




Dear God, when there is fighting and hatred, may I be the one who does not take sides, bring people together in understanding and mutual respect, and be the one who strives for peace. In the name of Jesus. Amen



Journey to freedom

Too many years I have been struggling. I place into your hands, my life, my worries, my all. Please get me to this new place of freedom, and use me to your praise and glory. In Jesus name. Amen.



Fighting and Hatred

Dear God,
When there is fighting and hatred
May I be the one who does not take sides
Bringing people together through understanding and respect
Being the one who strives for peace
In Jesus name,




Dear God,
When I am struggling with others
When they are being unreasonable
When they are illogical
When they are self centred
May I have the strength to forgive them
No matter how I feel.
In Jesus name




Dear God
Help me to be kind
To treat others like a best friend
Or a member of my family
If I am accused of using kindness
For self interest
May I carry on being kind
In Jesus name.




May I focus on you God
Then you and the world will
Be in the right perspective.




Dear God
I pray that I would pursue righteous ways
Working for you
To further your Kingdom
That I would stay close to you
Always attentive to what you are saying
If success comes my way
May I not be distracted
From following your plan for my life
May I never let others or myself from owning that plan
If other are involved
I may win false friendship
And even enemies
May I keep going
That all glory would go to you
In Jesus name




Dear God
May I be honest in the way I work
And be honest with the people around me
That I would not take advantage of position or status
May I treat all people equally
No matter their background or appearance
If they look to me as someone they trust
I would care tenderly and compassionately for them
That you working through me
Would bring them to a place of hope and salvation
In Jesus name




Dear God
We spend years investing our time
In work
In play
With people
May those years
Never be viewed as wasted years
There maybe situations we will never know about
Where there is healing and a hope for a better day
May we strive each day to serve you
Through the mundane
With big and small task
That your glory would shine through us
In Jesus name



Praise and Thanks

Dear God
I praise and thank you
For the good times in my life
That you are a God
Of generosity and of gifts
May this lead me to a place
Where I am kind and generous
To others
The giving of myself
For the benefit of others
In Jesus name



Never tire

Dear God
May I never tire
Of doing good
When I see a broken world
Give me compassion
That I would have the heart
Which leads me to action
If disappointments come my way
May I never grow bitter
But continue to do good
In Jesus name




Dear God
I give myself
And work hard
But others are never satisfied
They just want more
Without any thanks
Things become unrealistic
May I keep going and never give up
You see my effort
And my heart
May ultimately anything I do
Bring glory to your name
In Jesus name



Importance of relationship

Dear God
May I always remember
That the most important relationship
Is with you
Yes other relationships are important
If I am pulled away by following the wrong person
May I recognise it and return to you
In Jesus name




Dear God
At times life seems dark
It makes us feel weak and helpless
In these times
May we sense your presence
That you would strengthen us
And that we would trust in your protecting love
So we no longer
Feel frightened and worried
But close to you
And all you have in store for us
In Jesus name




Dear God

Be in my thought life
That it would be pure

Be in my seeing
That I would care for others

Be in my speaking
That I would build others up

Be at the heart of me
A constant conversation

Be everything



Light of the world

Dear God
Winter is such a dark time of year
It reminds us of the darkness in our own lives
We praise and thank you
For Jesus
For being a light
Giving us hope for a better world
Pray that this day
We would follow Jesus' example
And share the light of Jesus
To all we meet
In Jesus name



Channel of Peace

Dear God
May I be a person of peace
When there is a situation where people hate each other
May I bring love to all
When there is hurt and brokenness
May I
Through Jesus
Bring healing
When there are many questions
May I be a signpost
Pointing others in the right direction
When there is despair
May I bring
Hope that is in you
When there is darkness
That I would bring your light
When there is sadness
May I bring joy
May I craft questions
So others would search
For answers
That are found in you
May I understand what is at the root of others
So I can empathise with their present problems
May love be central
May I be quick to forgive
To give Time, money and my life
That I would reflect Jesus
So other would see
And come to know him too
In Jesus name



Pray to engage

I pray today
That I would be able
To engage
With those around me
That I would listen
And have the ability
And courage
To talk about Jesus
In Jesus name



Pain fills my soul

Dear God
Pain fills my soul
I struggle daily
And get no relief
I sometimes barely have the energy
To get out of bed
But my desire
Is to serve you
To follow you
To make you central
So it is no longer
What I want
But what
You want
To bring you glory
And for others
To see you
Through me

Help me in low times
To stay close to you
And the cross of Jesus
For his suffering
Gives hope
For a new and better day
Where there is no suffering
And a place to live
In safety and peace

Give me courage
To believe
And hold on to you
The strength to get going
Knowing you
Are by my side
I put my life
And hopes in your hands
To make me into
What you originally
Destined me to be

In Jesus name



The Journey is Hard

Dear God
This journey is hard
I want so much to be in your presence
To know you are for me
And want to best for me
Other routes seem false and uncomfortable
As they do not reflect the person of Jesus
This route I am on is lonely and hard
But it is the only one I feel happy to be on

I give my all to you
And may your name be glorified
In the precious name of Jesus



I trust you

Dear God
I trust you with my life
I am willing to go
In the direction you have called me
Give me courage
And a willingness
To listen to your voice
In Jesus name




Dear God
May I not pursue
The things of this world
But to live simply
Giving time to you
And those around me
In Jesus name



God you are important

Dear God
You are important
You have a way of life
That benefits all mankind
May I live
And strive to live this way of life
The way of Jesus
In doing so
Will bring others to be interested in
And an understanding of you
In Jesus name



Reading your words

Dear God
I pray that we would make
Reading your Bible important
Speak to us through it
May we give time to read it
Learn it
And meditate on it's words
That it would inwardly change us
To be more like Jesus
In Jesus name




Dear God,
You are the reason
I will follow you
Listen to you
To seek to serve
And bring in your Kingdom
In Jesus name




May I have the eyes of Jesus
To see a broken world

May I have the ears of Jesus
To listen

May I have the words of Jesus
To encourage

May I have the arms of Jesus
To hold those who need love

Give me the love of Jesus
To show a compassionate God

In Jesus name



To know you

Praise you God,
that you care for those
who we care about.
We long for our friends
and colleagues
to know and follow you.
Go ahead of us,
and challenge them.
May there be conversations
that open doors for you to enter.
Give us the courage to speak
and the opportunities.
Make it happen today.
In Jesus name.




Praise you God, that you are there, always knowing, always caring.
We are sorry when we seek a life that excludes you, and because we have not turned to you and trusted you, we either blame you or come running back to you. Forgive us. Thank you that you accept us back with no conditions.
We pray for those friends or the people we meet who are searching in the wrong places, looking for answers that will never fulfil their deep loneliness and brokenness.
We pray for those who have given up and form bad habits and addictions.
Pray for release and meaning that can only be found in you. Give us words and the holy spirit's power to influence these people.
Start the change and conversations today
In Jesus name.



The approval of man

Dear God
I pray in all circumstances
That I would
Put you first
When I am
May I seek you
And not the
Approval of man
That I would do
What Jesus would do
And not fall into sin
In Jesus name



In Touch with Jesus

Dear Jesus,
I want to know you,
to serve you
and bring your hope
to this world.
Help me to be open
and listen to you.
May I be part of bringing
your Kingdom to this world.
In Jesus name.




Oh Lord,
how you have kept me
over all these years.
May I remain faithful
to your love.
That I will proclaim
and honour your name,
each and every day.
May the impact
have an affect
on those around me.
That they would be
aware of your presence.
That questions
will arise in their minds,
and your would provide courage
and the answers
to discuss with them.
In Jesus’ mighty name.