What do you think about when you think of God. It is a challenge for we cannot see God. Many don’t believe in God and encourage us not to be so silly. But I think it is something we all need to investigate. From what I see around me, answer to prayer and feeling God's presence I believe God to be real and true.

The first few prayers I have written concentrate on the different words that are used to describe God from the old Testament. I think they are useful for praising God. Perhaps in your own quiet times with God spend some time concentrating and meditating on the different characteristics of God. Maybe like me it has put God in a different and proper place in our lives and in turn puts us in a more humble position.


El Shaddai (Lord God Almighty)

We praise you God that you are Lord of the universe and of our lives. You know us and want us to trust you. For you are faithful and care for all aspects of our lives. We praise you that you are all powerful, and Almighty. No one can stand against you. Praise be to you, oh God, in your mighty name. Amen.



El Elyon (The Most High God)

We praise you God that you are the sovereign God of the universe. That you rule with all authority and majesty. May we kneel before you in complete submission acknowledging you as the ruler and Lord of our lives and those around us. In Jesus name. Amen.



Adonai (Lord, Master)

Dear God,
We praise and thank you
That you are in complete control.
At any point
You can change the outcome of our lives
Help us to trust you
When all of life
Around us
Seems out of control
Thank you
That you know
The best for us
And send us
In the right direction
In Jesus name



God is Jehovah

Praise you God.
For just being God.
In control
All powerful
May I acknowledge you in my day
That I wouldn't
Put things and people
In your place
May I be constantly aware of your presence.

I pause for a minute
To think about you

Are you important?
What is getting in the way?
What things are distracting me?
What relationships are bad?
And causing me despair?

Forgive me
When I turn my back on you
Making wrong decisions,
And pursuing evil.

I pause for a moment
To think
What has gone wrong today?
How did I handle it?
Did I talk to you?
And ask for your help?

Thank you for the small things
In my life
Things that make me
Happy and glad
For being blessed

I pause for a moment
To think about
The blessings you have bestowed
On me

If life is hard
May it be a wake up call
To turn to you
And not try and solve
Things in my own strength

May I listen to you
To hear your guidance
To always remember
That you will never
Leave me
Or forsake me

I give you
My time and my day
May your name be
And glorified

In Jesus name



You are Just

Praise you God,
That you are just.
You see all that is going on,
You see the hearts
Of all men and women.
You will
Bring justice
To those who have been
Miscarriage of Justice

May we never give up
The hope we have in you
That a day will come
When all things are made right.

I pray all these things in the mighty name of Jesus



God is Jehovah (I am who I am)

Dear God
You are God,
Ruler of the Universe.
Who can challenge you?
No one can stand up to you
For there is no other

I am sorry
When I doubt you authority
And for not trusting you
I am sorry
When I take control of my life
That I try to convince
Others of my own authority
And in the process
Lead them away from you.
Please forgive me
May I put you back in charge of my life

Thank you
That you do not reject me
That you take an interest in me
That you love me
And guide me to a place
That fulfils your will in my life

I pray that I would recognise
My real need in life
And would look to you
To satisfy those needs
May I alway be honest
And open
To what you are saying to me

I place my life into your hands

In Jesus name,