Holy God, I humbly plead for Your underserved mercy upon my life, my church, my nation and world.


How is change brought about in the world today? There is a struggle and there seems to be no answer. Is there a way to change this? Perhaps prayer can help! If there is a God, then if we speak to God He in turn may speak to us, and we may see change.

The following website is a collection of prayer for every day living. Daily I feel led to pray but often I am stuck for words. I search for prayers composed by others but I just can't find one that reflects what I really want to pray. So I decided to go on a journey to write my own prayers for all situations in life. This website will continue to grow, as there are new situations that occur in all of our lives.

This website speaks from the heart so excuse grammar and spelling mistakes. Please let me know gently, and I will seek to make changes. I am a man of few words too, so do take the prayers and make them your own.

An accompanying ebook will follow shortly.

I do hope you find this website useful, and that you would see answers to prayer in your own life.